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Demo Cost:  $60/day


Demo bikes must be picked up and returned in the same day, no exceptions.

Credit card, copy of drivers license, and rental form required. 


Demo fees and additional charges can be applied towards purchase of a new bike or wheelset

2019 Cannondale KNOT 64 Disc Carbon Clincher

Tubeless Wheelset

Combining cutting edge aerodynamic tech patented and licensed by HED with all of the benefits of big tires, the KNØT 64s are one of the absolute fastest wheelsets in the world. 

• 64mm depth - provides an ideal balance between aerodynamics, weight and stability in cross-winds. 
• 21mm inner width - increases the effective tire volume. On these wheels, a 23c tire measures over 26mm wide, and a 25c over 28mm wide. Larger tires offer the potential for lower inflation pressures, greater comfort and better grip.
• Huge 32mm outer rim width – Helps air flow off a large tyre (26+mm) re-attach more smoothly to the rim, reducing drag. Only possible with disc-only design. Optimized for 23c (26mm) tire but, unlike other wheels, the KNØT 64 design exhibits minimal change with even larger tires, giving riders the option to go bigger without significant aero penalty.

M-10-6, TUE-10-6, WED-10-8,TH,F,SAT 10-6, SUN-11-5

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Cannondale SupersSix Evo 105 Crb 56

A road bike that represents the best possible blend of aerodynamics and low weight. Feather light. Bullet quick.

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