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Q. What if the water at the spillway is too high to cross?

A. This time of year its pretty unlikely there will be an excess amount of water at the spillway crossing and riders will most likely be able to cross without getting their feet wet.  If there is a little water we should be able to move some medium sized rocks and boulders around to allow a path across without getting wet feet.  In the unlikely event that the water is just too deep to cross without getting your feet completely submerged, racers will do multiple laps on the north side of the park's trails to achieve the full 25 mile distance.  While not quite as epic as the full loop, this should still be loads of fun and provide some serious elevation change.

Q. How are you able to use the South side of the lake's U of I field campus trail?  

A. The section of trail on the south side of the lake that most closely hugs the shoreline is actually considered part of the north side of the park and under control by the DNR, not the U of I.

Q.  How do I qualify to compete for the hidden strava segment KOM Preme?

A.  Join the Sugar Bottom Bikes Strava Club and join the event for the Lake Macbride Fat Tire Classic.  After the race we will check our event profile to determine who clocked in the fastest time on the yet to be created segment.

Q. How are the age groups and prizes broken down?

A. Men’s and Women’s Age Groups will be under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

Top 3 Podium finishers from each age group will get to choose from our prize table featuring over $3000 worth of prizes.  1st place will get to pick 3 items, 2nd place will pick 2 items, and 3rd place picks 1 item.  Winners of the overall cash prize will also be eligible for age group prizes.

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