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Your Best Ride Starts With A Perfect Fit

Fit Services




-Cleat Position Adjustment

-Quick Saddle Height Check

-Quick Handlebar Reach & Stack Check

Suitable for:

New riders & new bike purchases looking for a baseline fit starting point.  Riders not using clipless pedals

Est. Time: 30-60min

Does not Include:

Physical Assessment, Addressing specific issues, Saddle & Shoe/Insole suggestions, Saddle fore/aft adjustment, Frontal Plane Analysis, Handlebar width/style suggestions




-Physical Assessment & Interview

-Cleat adjustment & Shoe/Foot Analysis

-Saddle Height & Fore/Aft Adjustment

-Reach, Stack, and Handlebar Width

-Frontal Plane Analysis

-Addresses Specific Issues

and/or Performance Optimization

Suitable for:

Riders with pain and discomfort and/or riders looking to optimize their performance via increased power output and aero optimization. Pro fit is not for riders using flat pedals.

Est. Time: 90min-2hr


Does not include:

Aerobar or Triathlon fitting



Individual Fit Services Charged at Hourly Rate

($80 per hour)

Common Items:


-Cleat Adjustment

-Saddle Height Adjustment

-Stem Height/Length Change


-Saddle Demo

(Try out multiple saddles in our fit studio)

Our professional fitter has over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied fit customers.  From purely recreational riders to elite mountain bike racers and gravel racers, we can optimize the fit of your bike to maximize your comfort, power, and aerodynamics.  With over 100 hours of intensive training from three different legendary fitters including Paraic McGlynn of Cyclologic and Trek Factory Racing, Nate is one of the most qualified fitters in the area.  




We can start a fit as early as 10:30am, and start as late as 2PM.  Pro Fits typically take around 90 minutes.


Mon - Wed           10:30AM - 2PM

Please fill out the from below and we will contact you to discuss setting up an appointment.

Make sure to let us know what type of rear axle your bike uses, and how many speeds your rear cassette has.

1 . Rider Profile Interview: Every fit, whether a novice or experienced cyclist, starts with an interview between our fit specialist and the rider to understand each rider's injury history, physical limitations, needs, and goals.

2 . Physical Assessment: This is the key to the SBB fit process, allowing our fit specialists to develop an accurate picture of a rider's flexibility and other physical attributes, so they'll be able to make the proper adjustments to help you be one with your bike.

3 . Side View: Assessed from the side, the goal is to determine their unique active riding position that's both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to saddle height, tilt, fore/aft position, handlebar width & position, stem rise & length, and cleat placement.  We may also use insoles, wedges, and shims to optimize power transfer to the pedals.

4 . Front Plane Assessment: An advanced fitting process, this frontal view analysis will optimize hip, knee, and foot alignment for greater performance, power delivery, and injury prevention.

5 . Follow Up: With each fit we include a follow up appointment, to ensure that all changes to the rider's position are working optimally.

Pro Fit

Please visit our website on a desktop computer/laptop to fill out our custom fit form and schedule your Bike Fit!!!!

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