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On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

Gifting a loved one gold rings is all well and good, but for our fifth day of Christmas, we're featuring something a little more personal.

Every cyclist knows that wearing a helmet is an important part of the ride. There's not one mechanic here who hasn't heard a story about a helmet saving a life, and while all helmets have to meet basic safety requirements, some helmets go the extra mile. We carry several helmets that go above and beyond: Cannondale's Cypher helmet and Giro's MIPS line of helmets, including the Savant, Synthe, Sonnet, and Raze line.

Cannondale's crash protection comes from a unique dual density foam shell, with crush zones of foam set up within the helmet that collapse at different rates, dispersing forces from a crash.

Giro's MIPS helmets all feature an inner cage that torques upon impact, reducing the effects of whiplash with a glancing blow.

We have MIPS and Dual Density helmets for everyone, adults and children alike. If you're gifting a loved one a bike, be sure to give them a helmet, too.

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