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On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

Along with helmets, lights are one of the best accessories you can add to your bike. The right light allows you to see and be seen, in all conditions. Whether you're getting a trail ride in after dark or biking around a neighborhood, having the proper lights help you stay safe.

Our recommendations for rear lights include:

Cygolite's Hotshot 100, a 100 lumen USB rechargeable light with six flash modes and up to 270 hours of run time. This light is daylight visible, perfect for the commuter or the kid riding to school, anybody that wants to make sure they are seen on the road.

Serfas's Thunderbolt series USB rechargeable rear light, which has easy on/easy off silicone mounting straps, a large surface bar LED that can be seen up to a mile away, and up to 9.5 hours of run time on flashing mode. The Thunderbolt comes in several colors and has a matching front light.

For front lights, we typically favor spotlight or beam lights, but we do have the Thunderbolt LED bar light for those looking to stay simple. Our other recommendations include:

Serfas's E-Lume 1100 lumen USB rechargeable headlight, which (as you might suspect) features a blinding 1100 lumens, enough to ride in the darkest conditions and stay on the trail. Run time at 1100 lumens is 1.5 hours, but at low (200 lumens) you get up to 9 hours of run time.

Light & Motion's Urban 350, 650, and 850 lights, also USB rechargeable, are a shop favorite for their easy recharge, easy mounting, and their multitude of modes, including a pulse instead of a bright flash.

For those looking for something fun AND functional, we like the NiteIze SpokeLit lights, They slide easily on spokes, and come in a variety of colors, including rainbow. The rainbow duo comes with two rainbow SpokeLit lights, and adds to night time visibility without the hassle of recharging or removing.

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