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These Last Few Days of Christmas

We set out to do a full twelve days of Christmas ideas for cyclists, but you guys have been keeping us so busy (THANK YOU!) that the last few days are upon us, and our count is only to nine!

So today, we're going to talk about a few different things; clothing and navigation.

As anyone who's been to the store recently knows, we recently received a LOT of awesome Sugoi clothes and winter wear, ranging from club jerseys to half zips to some really awesome pro jerseys and convertible jacket/vest combos.

Between safety features such as reflective tape and day-visible neons and comfort features such as mesh panels, and xylitol cooling panels, we have something to stuff every stocking.

Another item that fits really well into a stocking... is a bike computer. We have a wide assortment of computers, from the most basic wired ($25) or wireless ($50+) to the Garmin Edge 850, which will pair with bluetooth cell phones, trainers, and fitness devices, allow you to view texts, import rides from .gpx files, and monitor just about any cycling related vitals.

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