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Try Zwift, Magnus Smart Trainer

With another six weeks of winter to look forward to (Thanks, Punxsatawny Phil... ) before we get to our regularly scheduled awesome Spring weather, we're all getting a little stir crazy. Events like Beat the Bitter help, but everyone gets tired of mechanically cranking away on a trainer all winter.

Enter Zwift. With a simple app and a cadence-sensing trainer, you can ride an interactive course with strangers, get your friends to join in, race against a few pros, and enjoy the scenery in three separate "worlds" to keep you engaged.

We've got our in-store setup ready for testing! Come see how a smart trainer works with an app to alter resistance, add the feel of incline, and encourage people to stay on their bikes.

CycleOps Magnus Smart Trainer - $599.99

Zwift monthly subscription - $10

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