Selle Scientia Saddles

We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying the Selle Royal Scientia line of saddles, designed around the idea that a rider's ischial bones and rider style determine the best saddle fit. Based on a study out of Germany's Sports University in Cologne, the Scientia line has won a coveted design prize from the iF International Design Forum for best new product.

A gel-filled fit bench is the cornerstone to choosing your Scientia saddle. Simply smooth out the gel, sit upright on the bench for a few seconds, then stand, and mark the center of your indentions with your fingers. Add the numbers underneath to find your saddle width. Under 11 cm? You need a #1 width. 11-13 cm indicates a #2 width, and 13+ cm denotes a #3.

After that, it's as simple as deciding your riding style; Relaxed, Moderate, or Athletic.

Free fitting, $79.99 for a custom chosen saddle

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