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Riding in the Rain

Not to mince words, it's disgusting outside. Rainy, windy, cold, dark... in short, it's March. That doesn't keep everyone inside, though; the hardiest cyclists are still out there on their bikes, powering through the March weather.

Biking through the dark days takes a certain amount of fortitude, but also some special gear. Nothing's worse than being wet and cold, except being wet and cold in the dark, and the low light of spring rain showers can be one of the hardest situations to be seen in.

One of the newer innovations in cycling apparel that we've seen coming into the shop is super-reflective paint and design work on jerseys and jackets. Where it used to be relegated to logos and strips, reflective printing now covers entire jackets, adding to visibility not just in surface area, but in the way a motorist actually sees.

The old strips and logos reflective patches worked, but they didn't convey a sense of motion, which can be extremely disorienting to motorists. Our new Sugoi Zap jacket is not only fully waterproof, but fully covered in highly reflective ink dots. The matching Zap tights have large patches on thigh and lower leg, making it easier for a motorist to not only SEE you, but recognize that you are a cyclist, moving in a certain way.

Staying warm and dry and safe is a priority, and the right winter gear can make the difference between an adventure in inclement weather and a harrowing ride through awful conditions. Come talk to one of us here at Sugar Bottom Bikes if you're interested in learning more about reflective fabrics, or try out a Sugoi Zap jacket today.

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